Brigit(Bee) Leadership, Mentor Coach & Facilitator


Long Bio

Brigit Elisabeth Eichenberger (aka Bee), is a credentialed mentor coach, facilitator, and leadership coach. Born and raised in Switzerland, Brigit’s passion for people, culture, and language led her to pursue a corporate career with Hilton, Compass Group, and Goldman Sachs, gaining 10+ years of international experience in administration, marketing, operations, and communication. Her love for the performing arts led her to obtain an Exec. MSc in Arts Administration and enter the opera world, where as Head of Planning & Artistic Administration she developed nerves of steel being faced with the ultimate challenge regarding short- and long-term planning, organizational complexities and diverse demands. In 2014, Brigit relocated to Vancouver, Canada, where became a certified professional coach (PCC) and master neuro-linguistic programming (MNLP) practitioner. Over the years, Brigit has served hundreds of individuals to navigate transitions with clarity and confidence offering mentor coaching, coaching sessions, and workshops in English and German. As an artist, Brigit also understands the creative aspect of change, developing a meaningful vision and setting goals besides the practical aspect of making things happen.

Brigit’s dedication to her clients is reflected in her use of humor, visuals, and real-life stories to help them develop a sustainable, resourceful mindset. As a lifelong learner, Brigit believes in integrated change, skill development, learning, and growth, which can only be achieved through intrinsic motivation and reflection. Since 2015, Brigit has been a valuable member of the program development team and faculty at Erickson Coaching International. She facilitates ‘Coaching Competencies for Leaders’ and ‘The Art & Science of Coaching’ programs, as well as mentoring new coaches.
Brigit’s values of lightness and flow shine through in her ability to explain complex subjects in simple terms. Her PGDip from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, further demonstrates her commitment to excellence.

Short Bio

Brigit Elisabeth Eichenberger (aka Bee), is a professionally certified leadership coach, consultant and facilitator who is passionate about helping leaders worldwide develop a sustainable, resourceful mindset. With her professional certification and 17+ years of international experience across various industries, including hospitality, banking, performing arts, and education, Brigit is a true ‘transition expert.’

Having lived and worked in 6+ countries, Brigit understands the complexities of different cultural backgrounds, communication, operation, and administration. Her to-the-point coaching style, humor, metaphors, and real-life examples, help her clients tackle even the most challenging situations with clarity and confidence. In addition to her coaching and consulting practice, Bee is part of the faculty at Erickson Coaching International, where she teaches the ‘Coaching Competencies for Leaders’ and ‘The Art & Science of Coaching’ programs. She recently joined Climate Executive Coaching as a partner coach and leadership trainer. Bee received her Exec. MSc from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and her PGDip from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, where she currently resides.