About Me
About Me

Who I Am

Acquaintance, Administrator, Announcer, Artist, Art Lover, Assistant, Aunt, Baker, Board/Committee Member, Brunette, Charmer, Coach, Colleague, Communicator, Confidante, Connector, Cook, Consultant, Cousin, Culture Nerd, Dancer, Devil’s …

What I Do

Depending on your needs, I can offer individual or group sessions in English or German. Coaching+ Leadership & Confidence+ Communication+ Clarity & Alignment+ Emotional Intelligence+ …

Why I Do It

I have had the chance to work with incredibly successful companies and people around the world. It has always fascinated me to analyze what ‘made’ …

How I Do It

Work Process+ You contact me to set up the first conversation.+ We have our first conversation free of charge.+ We agree to work with each …

How You Benefit

You are… + becoming aware of your patterns, way of working, motivations and beliefs.+ developing the skills to adapt the above to your benefit.+ discovering …

Value Proposition

Boost your change with clarity & confidence!

Get alignment and know-how to take the next step – get inspired, get organized, and begin.

Understand how your brain works and learn how to adapt your patterns.

 Stay strong and authentic in any given situation, by channelling your emotions into efficiency.

Enjoy the productivity of a well-matched team, by creating trust and transforming the vision into reality.

Discover the power of creativity; think strategically – act productively.

Develop a sustainable resourceful mindset and have fun!

‘Maximum productivity’ means that people have control, are aware and choose to (re)act in a way that is most beneficial to the business and themselves in any given situation. It affects the physical, emotional and mental areas of a person. Read about the benefits.