Brigit(Bee) Leadership, Mentor Coach & Facilitator


Hi, I’m Brigit or Bee.

I always wanted to help people.

I was helping the kindergarten teacher organize the contents of the craft cupboard. I always put up my hand to set up or clean up stuff (to the annoyance of my classmates who called me a miss goodie-two-shoes). As a young adult, I could spend hours talking and listening to friends or strangers as they somehow decided it was safe to confide in me. Other times, I would try to lighten things up by telling a story, hoping a laugh would help a little bit.

If you had told me then that it would take roughly 20 years of work, sweat, tears and burnout to understand in what capacity I’m best suited to help others (coaching, mentoring, facilitating, teaching), I would have thrown my hands up in despair! I wish I would have had a professional leadership coach or mentor in my corner, and that’s why I am particularly passionate about supporting international professionals, first-time leaders and coaches today.

I am still amazed at where my journey has taken me, how many times I have started over in my career and all that I have been able to achieve. During the last years, I’ve coached, mentored and facilitated 1000s of hours knowing it is what I’m supposed to do.

Yours in service.

"There is time for everything." 
Drop me a line using if now is the time for you to get help having more clarity and confidence on your journey.