Brigit (Bee) - Leadership Coach, Mentor & Facilitator

Brigit (Bee) - Leadership Coach, Mentor & Facilitator

Boosting Change with Clarity & Confidence

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What is Coaching?

Benefits of Coaching

BeeinBC Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Up Your Game

  • Get alignment and know-how to take the next step – get inspired, get organized, get going.
  • Understand how your brain works and learn how to adapt your patterns.
  •  Stay strong and authentic in any given situation, by channelling your emotions into efficiency.
  • Enjoy the productivity of a well-matched team, by creating trust and transforming the vision into reality.
  • Discover the power of creativity; think strategically – act productively.
  • Develop a sustainable resourceful mindset and have fun.

‘Maximum productivity’ means that people have control, are aware and choose to (re)act in a way that is most beneficial to themselves and others in any given situation.

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Hi there,

How can I be of service? What questions might you have?

Such as:

  • what happens in a coaching session?
  • how can going through a transition be fun?
  • do I need to have a problem to benefit from coaching?
  • can coaching help with developing more confidence?
  • will I have to do weird, creative stuff? 😉
  • is coaching supporting me in feeling less overwhelmed and more in control?
  • how can coaching foster awareness and alignment in my life/career?
  • what are topics that I can bring to a coaching session?
  • how do I know that coaching is the right thing for me at this moment?

Drop me a line using [email protected]


Leadership Coach Brigit/Bee

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if you want to up your game to become the leader the world needs today.

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if you like to feel in-sync and create authentic connections.

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supporting leaders in being successful in facing adaptive challenges with a sustainable resourceful mindset.