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Working Ethics & Principles

Working Ethics & Principles

Work Ethics

+ Diverse and inclusive.
+ Focused on your productivity.
+ Holding the space for you.
+ Objective sounding board for you.
+ Endlessly curious about what you want.
+ Committed to our working relationship.
+ Willing to challenge you respectfully.
+ Shine the light, for more awareness and understanding of yourself and others.

Milton Erickson’s (Ericksonian) Principles:

  1. People are OK:
    No one is ‘broken’ or needs fixing.
  2. People have real resources:
    They have many more inner resources than they know!
  3. Every behaviour has a positive intention:
    It is trying to fulfill a need the person has.
  4. People do their best:
    They make their best choices each day with the information they have at that time.
  5. Change is inevitable:
    Not just a possibility – no matter how difficult, we learn, we grow, and we change continuously.
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