How I Do It
How I Do It

How I Do It

Work Process
+ You contact me to set up the first conversation.
+ We have our first conversation free of charge.
+ We agree to work with each other or not and in what capacity.
+ Either I set up a simple coaching agreement or if it includes advising and/or training, I prepare a proposal.
+ We agree on the number of sessions, workshops and the remuneration terms.
+ We set up a simple contract outlining our commitment to the process.
+ We work together over Skype and/or in person.
+ We evaluate and celebrate the results.

Techniques & Methods
+ Coaching and neuro-linguistic programming techniques.
+ Emotional Intelligence assessment tool (EQ-i 2.0)
+ Behaviour-Prediction tool (Hogan Assessments)
+ Best business practices from global corporations
+ Presentation/acting/vocal techniques