‘The Power of Your Voice’
‘The Power of Your Voice’

‘The Power of Your Voice’

Virtual Workshop

Enhance your ‘Executive Presence’ through the engaging use of your voice, instilling trust, inspiring confidence, and fostering collaborative relationships.

Why It Is Important:

Verbal communication is a pillar of ‘Executive Presence’. Be it in a casual conversation, a presentation in front of a large audience, or in a meeting with a handful of people. The better you are able to ‘own your tone’ and show up authentically, the greater the likelihood that your message is understood the way you intend it and inspire your audience to open up, hear you out, become curious and engage. That is the foundation of collaboration.

For Whom:

Digital Nomads, Coaches, First-time Leaders, Facilitators, Solopreneurs, Remote Team Leaders, Presenters, Start-Up Team Members, Community Speakers and any person who likes to leave their imposter syndrome behind and instead step into being their authentic courageous selves. Private organization group cohorts.

Our Focus:

  1. Importance of Delivery – Tone of Voice
  2. Distinctive Voice Tones
  3. ‘Embody a Tone’ Process
  4. T.O.N.E.S. Cycle

Your Take-Aways:

  • Describing the impact and role of voice tones in communication and their connection to emotional states.
  • Differentiating components that make up a tone of voice.
  • Connecting different tones to certain qualities and moments in verbal communication.
  • Knowing how to embody a desired tone of voice authentically.
  • Practicing distinct voice tones to maximize impactful communication.

How It Is Happening:

Live Online | 2 hours

The teaching/learning approach is ‘tell, show, do, review’ which means it is highly interactive with participants first getting introduced to the topic and different tools and techniques. They will witness demonstrations using real-life examples and situations and also get a chance to practice in private breakout rooms. This is followed by a group debrief to begin a reflective practice, get questions answered, and establish feasible application and implementation goals.

I think the greatest sound in the world is the human voice.

~ Miles Davis

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