Brigit(Bee) Leadership, Mentor Coach & Facilitator
What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a creative partnership. The goal is to focus, design and implement specific, meaningful, personal, professional and/or organizational goals. That happens through the exploration of ideas and candid dialogue with a confidential and unbiased thinking partner, the coach. You don’t need to have a problem to benefit from coaching. If you want to grow – up your game – focus on the present and future, and take a holistic approach, coaching is right for you.


  • Client-Centred:
    honouring your inner resources, values, skills, agenda and outcomes
  • Solution-Focused:
    moving towards a desired, meaningful future outcome
  • Action-Oriented:
    pursuing change in specific, inspired steps that lead to fundamental shifts in mindset, behaviour and habit formation
  • Systematic:
    understanding your holistic nature, seeing how change can fit into your life and is in alignment

As your coach, I’m holding space and fostering for you to gain new awareness, clarity and confidence in what you like to create, who you would like to become, and why that is important to you. I support you in creating a roadmap toward your future, taking ownership of your mindset and skill set that encourage increased creativity, productivity and effectiveness. As a coach, I will inspire you to move towards whatever makes the biggest difference to accelerate your development choices at this stage in your life. In private, confidential sessions in person or over the phone, we will:

  • Identify Topics/Areas:
    I will help you define what you want to accomplish in the areas of your life
  • Explore Ideas:
    I will probe, challenge, listen and question until you have developed a clear and compelling vision and goal(s) to move towards
  • Refine & Reflect:
    I will support and motivate you through the process to review aims, set direction towards the achievement of your goals according to your values
  • Set Actions:
    I will help you design clear action steps to move toward your goals
  • Remove Barriers:
    we will identify barriers and discover points of leverage so that you understand your emotional reactions and learn how to work with them on a choice basis

Change can produce stress. I am here to assist you to stay relaxed and resourceful in times of challenge. Your attention can then become relaxed around your set direction/goals. When you commit to working with a professional coach you learn how to focus on what you want and maybe even have fun in the process!

 “You are the leader of your hike, deciding on the destination and the path. I am the guide next to you holding the map.”