Answers to Your Questions
Answers to Your Questions

Answers to Your Questions

Over the years, I have been taking note of the questions that people like you (considering working with me) have asked me. Here is the list in no particular order:

  • what do you mean by coaching can help me develop ‘developing a sustainable resourceful mindset’?
    • coaching helps you develop a sustainable resourceful mindset by identifying and aligning your values with your beliefs and behaviours.
  • how can coaching be fun?
    • coaching with me can be fun by making the process engaging, creative, and empowering, and by celebrating successes along the way!
  • how do I know that coaching is the right thing for me at this moment?
  • is coaching supporting me in feeling less overwhelmed and more in control?
    • yes, coaching can support you in feeling less overwhelmed and more in control by helping you set priorities, manage your time and energy, and develop coping strategies to overcome your inner critic.
  • what happens in a coaching session?
    • you can explore, voice, process, and discuss your ideas, goals and challenges. As your coach, I hold the space and guide you through a process of self-reflection by asking questions that foster new insights, perspectives and solutions as well as strategies to action.
  • how can coaching help with developing more confidence?
    • coaching can help with developing more confidence by challenging limiting beliefs, practicing new behaviours, and recognizing and building on your strengths.
  • do I need to have a problem to benefit from coaching?
    • no, you do not need to have a problem to benefit from coaching. Coaching can help you clarify your goals, identify deeper meaning or purpose, develop confidence, focus, gratitude and intrinsic motivation, enhance your skills, and achieve your full potential (whatever that is for you).
  • will you ask me to do weird, creative stuff? 😉
    • if the situation or topic lends itself, I might invite you to try out a process in service of you walking away with meaningful awareness. It is your decision, however, to accept or decline.
  • how can a change or transition be fun when coaching you?
    • change or transition can be fun when coaching with me by reframing the experience as an opportunity for growth, learning and development, and by focusing on your desired future outcome as well as your strengths and resources.
  • what are typical focus areas or topics that people bring to a coaching session?
    • Focus areas or topics that people bring to a coaching session can include leadership skills, career development, work-life balance, communication, relationships, personal growth, and self-care.
  • how can coaching foster alignment in my life/career?
    • Coaching can foster alignment in your life/career by helping you clarify your values, goals, and vision, and by identifying and overcoming obstacles to achieving them.

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